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Answers to frequently asked questions from gardeners

Where do you live?

We live in Manitoba, Canada in the Prairies. I share more about my story here. The next question gardeners usually ask is “what grow zone are you in?” We’re technically in Zone 3b but I definitely believe in micro-climates and watch closely what’s going on in my own backyard, which makes my last frost dates a bit later (usually end of May) than what’s projected by Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zones Map.

How big is your garden?

Our garden is approx. 2,000 sq. ft. It’s a mix of raised beds and in-ground gardens. Plus, we have a 500 sq. ft. greenhouse as well as a large pumpkin patch on the South side of our house that I let run more or less wild each year.

What kind of raised beds do you use?

We have a mix of DIY wooden beds as well as galvanized steel beds from Sproutbox Garden. I’m a big fan of these ones! They will last us years without any wear and tear. You can visit My Fav Things affiliate store to shop or use this link with code SOILTOSOUL10 for 10% off a Sproutbox raised bed.

Where do you buy your seeds?

You can find all my fav Canadian seed suppliers here in this blog post, but I primarily purchase my seeds from West Coast Seeds. I find their seeds have the best germination rates and they have a great selection of organic options.

Do you sell plants?

Yes! Each season I sell locally (to Winnipeg/Manitoban gardeners only) a selection of organic seedlings and organic gardening products. However for the 2023 season, I will not be having my annual seedling sale as we are expecting a baby this Spring. I will instead be offering digital resources for download in the shop with plans to have new products on the site come 2024.

Where can I listen to The Grow Guide podcast?

The Grow Guide is available to stream for free across all major podcast platforms, including Spotify & Apple Podcast. You can also visit our website for full show notes.

How big is your property?

We live on 4 acres of land just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Every year, we work to develop more of it with plans to add an orchard, more trees for wind protection and lots of native prairie plants throughout.

Where can I follow you on social?

You can follow From Soil to Soul on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Pinterest.

How can I find my grow zone?

If you live in Canada, you’ll want to use Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zones Map as a reference. If you’re in the U.S. be sure to follow the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map. I also love using the Local Frost Date Finder by The Farmer’s Almanac. It’s a free tool where you can enter your postal/zip code and it will provide fairly accurate dates for the first and last frosts in your region.

Where should I begin if I want to try seed starting?

Start by reading my Ultimate Guide To Seed Starting. This is a great place to begin and covers all the basics. Then head over to my affiliate shop to find direct links to the best products I recommend using for seed starting. You can find even more information in the Seed Starting section on the blog where I have several in-depth posts, including Answers To Your 25 Most Asked Seed Starting Questions.

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