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Vegan chive pesto Vegan Chive Pesto A light refreshing Spring recipe to use up your garden chives! Plus, you'll find 10 of my other fav chive recipes in this post. Vegan eggnog whoopie pies Vegan Eggnog Whoopie Pies with Cranberry Jelly & Cream Filling A unique holiday dessert that is completely vegan and insanely delicious. These are really truly SO good. traditional vegetable barley soup vegan Old Fashioned Vegetable Pot Barley Soup A traditional, old-fashioned vegetable pot barley soup packed with flavour and completely vegan. Borscht, beet soup in white bowl Easy Vegan Borscht Soup Hearty, earthy and warming, this vegan borscht soup is reminiscent in flavour of the classic version, but packed with even more delicious veggies. Lentil stew in bowls with tomatoes on the side and chive garnish Red Lentil Stew Mediterranean Style A satisfying and savoury one-pot, vegan red lentil stew that makes for a great way to use up your garden harvest. Miso garlic scapes recipe Quick Marinaded Garlic Scapes With Miso Glaze The BEST garlic scapes glazed in a salty, sticky marinade that you'll want to use on everything.  Bowl of hummus with olive oil and paprika on top Easy Everyday Garlic Hummus Better than store bought hummus, this easy recipe is packed with flavour and super smooth. Plus, a secret ingredient! 8 slices of golden tofu on a piece of parchment paper Crispy Golden Fried Tofu Steaks A delicious and simple fried tofu recipe packed with spices and flavour. The perfect plant-based protein for lunch & dinner. Winter Citrus Salad with Together Hemp Co. Dressing A bright and fresh salad with seasonal Winter citrus and hemp seeds from Canadian-based brand, Together Hemp Co. Chai Whiskey Hot Toddy With Cardamom A twist on the classic hot toddy recipe! This chai whiskey hot toddy with cardamom is spicy and sweet. The perfect winter cocktail. Easy Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes Tested and loved easy vegan holiday baking recipes by the most trusted plant-based bakers on the internet. Fall Bircher Muesli with Berries and Pomegranate Seeds The flavours of Fall in a hearty and naturally vegan breakfast of whole foods that will keep you full all morning.