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Organic Gardening

The Art Of Potting Up Seedlings – A Complete Guide The what, when, why and how of potting up seedlings including my personal philosophy on the matter, which might surprise you! Why Seed Starting: 10+ Reasons To Fall In Love With It If you're wondering whether seed starting is worth the initial work and set-up, then this post is for you! Join Me At The 2024 Living Green Show In Winnipeg I'm excited to be speaking about the strategies I use to maximize my harvest on both Friday & Saturday of the event here in Winnipeg, MB. How To Grow Ginger And Turmeric in Canada Believe it or not, you can successfully grow ginger & turmeric in Canada regardless of how cold it is where you live! This post will walk you through everything you Where To Buy The Best Organic Vegetable Seeds In Canada In 2024 These are the trusted and loved 30+ best seed suppliers to buy from in Canada. Plus, a few of the best American-based seed companies you can order from online. 15 Seeds To Start Indoors In January In Zone 3 Though the weather outside in January is usually absolutely terrible, you can start gardening indoors. Here are 15 seeds to start indoors in January. When & How To Start Eucalyptus Seeds In A Short Growing Season Your complete guide to timing and starting eucalyptus seeds indoors for gardeners living in Northern regions with short growing seasons. How To Compost In The Winter In Canada Winter composting is easier than you think even if your pile is completely frozen! Plus find 5 FAQs on Winter composting. Complete Guide To Planting Flower Bulbs In Fall In Zone 3 & 4 Everything you need to know, including where to purchase your bulbs, planting advice and fertilizing tips. How To Care For Hardneck Garlic in Spring & Summer Months Everything you need to do with hardneck garlic from May-August, including fertilizing, harvesting & curing. Woman holding bundle of homegrown garlic bulbs 7 Easy Steps For Planting Hardneck Garlic In Cold Regions Your detailed step-by-step guide for how to grow hardneck garlic in the Fall so you can harvest big, beautiful bulbs the following Summer. 20 Organic Gardening Tasks To Do This October October is here and while the "growing" part of the gardening season is coming to an end, here's 20 tasks you can still get out and complete now.