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Organic Gardening

My Fav Tomato Varieties For Zone 3 (2023 Edition) While there’s some tomatoes that sound and look amazing, they’re not necessarily suitable to a Zone 3 climate. So here’s the tomato varieties I’ve found do best, including hybrid, heirloom Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Canada The benefits of Fall tree planting and how to set up your newly planted trees for success over Winter and into the next growing season. 30+ Easy Plants To Succession Plant In July In Canada Extend your harvest by succession planting these vegetables, herbs & flowers in July. Plus, an overview on what succession planting is. Fertilizing an organic garden 3 Easy Ways To Organically Fertilize Your Veggie Garden In The Summer Learn about my fav 3 organic fertilizers and what type of plants to use them for. Plus tips on the best times to fertilize, how much to apply and how How to grow chives in Zone 3 How To Grow Chives In Zone 3 Chives are an incredibly easy perennial herb and grow great in cold climates with little care required. Gardeners in Zone 2 and up can easily grow chives. Dirty hands with worms and worm castings in them When To Add And How Much Worm Castings To Use In Your Veggie Garden All about nature's gold made by our friends, the worms. This post is written by guest blogger, Jordan Mara from Mind & Soil. Watering the gardening with a water wand The Quick & Effective Way To Use Up to 50% Less Water In The Garden My garden trick that can let you go up to 7 days without having to water the garden in the middle of Summer. Flat lay of West Coast Seeds seeds, onion sets and aspargus crowns on a wooden background 30+ Seeds To Direct Sow In The Garden BEFORE Your Last Frost Get a head start on the growing season by direct sowing all these veggies, herbs and flowers in your garden anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your last frost. 50+ Seeds To Start Indoors In April When April rolls around, seed starting is in full-swing! There's so much to seed. This post will walk you through 50+ herbs, veggies and flowers to start indoors this month. How To Properly Water & Fertilize Your Indoor Seedlings Seedling season is upon us and keeping your plant babies happy until they’re ready to head outside is so important. This post will walk you through how to properly water The 10 Best Garden Centres & Greenhouses In Manitoba My personalized list for the top 10 spots my local gardeners should shop at this season for your seedlings, soils, organic fertilizers and more. Tray of pepper seedlings under grow light Answers To Your 25 Most Asked Seed Starting Questions Your frequently asked seed starting questions answered in great detail!