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Flat lay of West Coast Seeds seeds, onion sets and aspargus crowns on a wooden background 30+ Seeds To Direct Sow In The Garden BEFORE Your Last Frost Get a head start on the growing season by direct sowing all these veggies, herbs and flowers in your garden anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your last frost. 50+ Seeds To Start Indoors In April When April rolls around, seed starting is in full-swing! There's so much to seed. This post will walk you through 50+ herbs, veggies and flowers to start indoors this month. How To Properly Water & Fertilize Your Indoor Seedlings Seedling season is upon us and keeping your plant babies happy until they’re ready to head outside is so important. This post will walk you through how to properly water The 10 Best Garden Centres & Greenhouses In Manitoba My personalized list for the top 10 spots my local gardeners should shop at this season for your seedlings, soils, organic fertilizers and more. Tray of pepper seedlings under grow light Answers To Your 25 Most Asked Seed Starting Questions Your frequently asked seed starting questions answered in great detail! How To Grow Ginger & Turmeric in Canada Believe it or not, you can successfully grow ginger & turmeric in Canada regardless of how cold it is where you live! This post will walk you through everything you 10 Vegetables To Grow Indoors In The Winter It may be too cold to grow food outdoors, but that doesn't mean gardening has to stop. You can grow these 10 vegetables indoors even in the coldest months. What I’m Planting In My Zone 3 Garden In 2023 Find direct links to all the veggies, herbs and flower varieties we'll be planting in my Zone 3 organic garden and greenhouse in the 2023 gardening season. Where To Buy The Best Organic Vegetable Seeds In Canada In 2023 These are the trusted and loved 30+ best seed suppliers to buy from in Canada. Plus, a few of the best American-based seed companies you can order from online. Best Tips For Building A DIY Backyard Greenhouse For Cold Weather Climates After building two backyard greenhouses in our Canadian Zone 3 climate, we're ready to share some of the tips we've learned along the way. Here's our best tips to consider Holiday gift guide for gardeners 2022 The 50 BEST (Gardener Approved) Gardening Gifts For 2022 It's your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! These are the 50 BEST gardening gifts approved by a gardener. Gear, tools, decor and more. Plus, a few exclusive From Soil to Soul All About Our 2022 Fall Harvest Dinner We hosted a Fall Harvest Dinner using only ingredients grown in our garden. Here's how and why you should do the same!