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Where To Buy The Best Organic Vegetable Seeds In Canada In 2023

by on December 14, 2022
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Wondering where to get the best organic seeds for growing veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit? These are the trusted and loved 30+ best vegetable seed suppliers to buy from in Canada in 2023. Plus, I’ve thrown in a few of the best American-based seed companies you can order from online.

Where To Buy The Best Organic Vegetable Seeds In Canada In 2023

The best canadian organic seed suppliers in 2021/2022

Seed ordering is happening earlier and earlier each season with many gardeners now ordering their seeds as early as November-December. Crazy, right?

The demand for seed orders boomed after the pandemic saw more people at home turning to gardening as a hobby. I love to see it!

But it does mean we have to get our seed orders in earlier. And, some varieties will likely be sold out.

But not to worry — it’s an opportunity to diversify your garden and try new things. Plus, be mindful to not “over-order.” Leave seeds for other gardeners too. There’s lots to go around.

30+ Best Organic Seed Sellers in Canada

West Coast Seeds for planting in July

In this article, I’ve put together and linked for you the 30+ best seed sellers in Canada in 2023.

We have some fantastic, trusted seed providers across the country. This list includes both small, locally-operated seed companies as well as some of the major players too.

Pro Tip: Sign up to receive FREE seed catalogues!

Nearly all seed providers send out a beautiful seed catalogue each Winter (usually around Christmas time) detailing all the varieties they are offering for the upcoming season.

It’s a great way to get inspiration for the garden, see what’s new and popular and to just daydream about warmer days ahead. Did I mention the catalogues are free?

This post covers:

Top 5 Best Overall Canadian Organic Seed Companies in 2023

Hand in grey knit sweater holding pack of kale seeds with other seeds and pots behind

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These seed suppliers are rated overall best based on available varieties, organic certification and seed germination rates.

I’ve purchased from them all over the years and can absolutely tell you — these are the BEST Canadian organic seed companies to buy from.

1. West Coast Seeds – based in B.C.

There’s SO MUCH to love about this seed supplier. West Coast Seeds offers thousands of non-GMO, organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

They are 100% committed to ethical growing and have extremely fast shipping across North America. I always find new and unusual varieties at West Coast Seeds that other suppliers don’t carry — like chickpeas, hops and quinoa!

2. Veseys Seeds – based in Prince Edward Island

Veseys is a long-time seed provider, operating for over 80 years on the small eastern island of PEI.

Their seeds are reliable with nearly 100% germination rates (from my experience). They have many varieties that are bred for market gardeners, providing high yields and uniform vegetables/fruits. I personally love ordering my flower bulbs from Veseys in the Spring. They have a large selection!

3. OSC Seeds  – based in Ontario

OSC (Ontario Seed Company) is the largest Canadian owned and operated packet seed company. They don’t have as many organic varieties to choose from as some of their Canadian competitors but they do have an interesting assortment of heirloom seeds.

Plus, I really love that these seeds are bred for Northern growing conditions. So if you are a zone 3, zone 2 or colder gardener, you can trust OSC Seeds in your garden.

4. Richters Herbs – based in Ontario

Richters Herbs makes my top 5 best Canadian seed suppliers list because of the unique assortment they offer of culinary and medicinal herbs. I’ve bought seeds from Richters that I’ve never seen elsewhere, like sushni and edible chrysanthemum.

They also offer fun herb collections based on your interests. My favourites are the Hearty Flavours Soup Garden and Tea Time Tea Herb Garden. 

5. Sage Garden Greenhouses – based in Manitoba

This small seed supplier and nursery might come as a surprise to you that it makes my top 5 list. But let me tell you, the seeds at Sage Garden are 100% certified organic, unique and grown with love and care.

They carry the largest selection of certified organic herb, veggie and flower seeds in Manitoba, as well as many heirloom and open pollinated varieties.

Best Seed Suppliers in Western Canada in 2023

Now for my list of the best seed suppliers in Western Canada in 2023!

This is a mix of large operations and small, family-owned seed suppliers. I’ve purchased from most of them over the years, and those I haven’t come highly recommended from fellow gardeners.

Best Seed Suppliers in Eastern Canada in 2023

Best seed suppliers in Canada in 2023

To the East of Canada, there’s also a laundry list of excellent Canadian seed suppliers that have been in business for years.

I have to say, I have not purchased from many of these suppliers, but from browsing their websites, they seem to a great selection of organic seeds to choose from.

Top 5 Best Overall American Organic Seed Companies in 2023

1. Fruition Seeds – based in New York

If you’re looking to support a seed company with a real moral compass, choose Fruition Seeds. I absolutely love this seed company and everything they stand for.

They sell organic seeds specifically bred for short growing seasons. I have found so many unique, unusual seeds from Fruition, like sesame seeds and peanuts! They ship to Canada and the U.S.

2. High Mowing Organic Seeds – based in Vermont

High Mowing Organic Seeds is a trusted and reliable seed supplier recognized as USDA certified organic as well as Non-GMO Project Verified.

They have over 700 heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds. Their website contains detailed growing information about each variety. I have purchased many seeds from High Mowing over the years and have no complaints!

3. Johnny’s Selected Seeds – based in Maine

If you’ve been gardening for some time, or if you’re a market gardener, you’ve definitely heard of Johnny’s Selected Seeds. They are a massive seed supplier, carrying a huge selection of organic, Non-GMO seeds. Johnny’s is a great choice to buy seeds from if you are purchasing large quantities. Their prices are extremely affordable.

4. Seed Savers Exchange – based in Iowa

Seed Savers Exchange is a very cool non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds. They are the world’s largest seed exchange, collecting and regenerating 20,000 different varieties of rare seeds.

Why do seeds need saving? Since industrial agriculture was introduced in the early 1900s, the world has lost 75% of its edible plant varieties. Seed Savers Exchange is looking to stop that. They are such a great seed company to support!

5. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Co – based in Missouri

This whimsical and bold seed company is fun to shop from with a great online experience. They offer one of the largest selections of 19th century heirloom seeds from Europe and Asia, carrying approx. 1,000 heirloom varieties!

I love to shop Baker Creek for heirloom tomato seeds (check out the Black Strawberry Tomato!) and unusual veggies.

And there you have it!

Tray of pepper seedlings under grow lights

Those are the 30+ best seed suppliers to buy from in Canada and the U.S. in 2023.

You’ve seen the top 5 Canadian organic seed suppliers AND the top 5 American organic seed suppliers. Now, it’s time you buy your seeds.

Happy seed shopping!

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  1. May 16, 2022

    Hello ,
    I am in a planting zone 3B,
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    — Margaret
  2. May 16, 2022

    Hi Margaret, unfortunately I don’t ship any live plants outside of Manitoba. But the suppliers in this post ship seeds across the country, so you should be able to order from any one of them. Good luck!

    — Maggie