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HealthiStraw One of my fav organic products. I use it to mulch beds, suppress weeds, retain moisture and add beneficial material to my soil. buy product 10 Easy Tips For Using Straw Mulch In The Garden This post is proudly sponsored by HealthiStraw, my trusted straw mulch provider that I know you'll love too! Products available across Canada & the U.S. How To Use Garden Straw As Mulch For Vegetables Using straw mulch in the garden has endless benefits for your plants, soil and you! Hand in grey knit sweater holding pack of kale seeds with other seeds and pots behind 20 Seeds To Start In March In The Canadian Prairies March is THE month to start your seeds indoors. Here's 20 seeds to start in March in the Canadian Prairies for gardeners living in Zone 3-5. How To Grow Great Hot Peppers In A Short Growing Season Your complete guide to growing hot peppers in both Canada and other Northern regions, with cold region-specific growing information and 5 key tips for success. 8 seeds to start indoors in February in zone 3 8 Seeds To Start Indoors In February In Zone 3 As February rolls around, most of us gardeners are eager to start our seeds. And while you can't start most seeds, you can start some! Here's 8 seeds to start Where To Buy The Best Organic Vegetable Seeds In Canada In 2024 These are the trusted and loved 30+ best seed suppliers to buy from in Canada. Plus, a few of the best American-based seed companies you can order from online. 15 Seeds To Start Indoors In January In Zone 3 Though the weather outside in January is usually absolutely terrible, you can start gardening indoors. Here are 15 seeds to start indoors in January. When & How To Start Eucalyptus Seeds In A Short Growing Season Your complete guide to timing and starting eucalyptus seeds indoors for gardeners living in Northern regions with short growing seasons. Complete Guide To Planting Flower Bulbs In Fall In Zone 3 & 4 Everything you need to know, including where to purchase your bulbs, planting advice and fertilizing tips.